Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Online Power


I can use my online power good by ; lending a hand to the students out there struggling with school. I'm now in junior high, and I struggle with math, I could post what I learned on my blog or whatever else I have that I use.  Every little trick that my teacher tells us to help us succeed in that class.   Examples of the problems we did would be good to. Sometimes kids get embarrassed to ask for a teacher's help, so if I did do this; they could look here for help.  In conclusion I could use my online power by posting useful and helpful information for kids struggling with a subject in school. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Does 21st Century Literacy Mean To Me?

         What does literacy in the 21st century mean to me? Literacy today is any form of reading or anything to do with reading or writing. It can be from a book, to a post, an article, or even being a fluent reader. I myself don't have a "thing" with reading or writing. Some people do, so they are most likely a fluent reader. That is what I thought of when I was asked what literacy in the 21st century meant to me.