Friday, November 1, 2013

History of Halloween Traditions


Two items that I found were linen and a receipt. I researched that mummies were wrapped in hundreds of yards of linen. The fingers and toes were wrapped individually. The receipt that I said that I also found was a receipt for the natron and linen expenses. It also says that the mummy will be delivered after seventy-two days. Linen and a receipt were the two things that I found, and chose to do more research on.

Vampire Bats:

I think that out of one thousand bats, twenty-five percent are blood suckers. The answer is actually only three kinds are vampire bats. They drink other animals blood. Thankfully, they hardly drink human's blood. A fact that surprised me was that bats usually have one baby a year. It actually surprised me that only three kinds of bats are suck blood.

The Frankenstein Monster:

Frankenstein was originally "brought to life" as a story. Then afterwards, movies and other forms of entertainment was created with Frankenstein.   Mary Shelley was the creator of Frankenstein, and when she created him, she was only a teenager. 

Halloween History:

Halloween doesn't really mean anything to my family because my mother doesn't believe in it. We dress up today for Halloween because back a long time ago, people believed that bad spirits roamed the Earth. The people would disguise themselves so the bad spirits, demons, and witches wouldn't harm them. Ever since, it has been a tradition.

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