Monday, November 18, 2013

Ollie's Fav's (Student Blogging Challenge 9A)

     Out of all of the billion things I love, only some are my favorite. Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week because I have nothing to do after school. Speaking about after school, my favorite after school activity is our school's technology team! Everyone comes up with amazing ideas, and boy, do we make progress! (

     Now, when I hear the word favorite, I think of food. Don't you? My all time favorite snack are Hot Cheetos! With, or course, a gallon of water. Now, a dislike about them; I'm like addicted to them and I eat so many my mouth burns, then I get the smartest idea ever to brush my teeth with my Colegate tooth paste. Now I have Hot Cheetos and the mintiest toothpaste ever dancing to the Harlem Shake on my tongue. 

     Speaking of the  Harlem Shake, I take ballet class, and I love it! I hope to take ball room someday as well. (DO THE HARLEM SHAKE!) I tend to favor vegetables more than fruits. If you asked me, I would honestly reply, "I have no clue, I'm just weird." One of my favorite colors is red. You should see my room, it has red zebra stripes everywhere! To me,   the best animals are a cows, zebras, and ducks! Moo!

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  1. Great post Olivia. Not only did I learn a lot about you, the tone of your voice also taught me about you, which really reinforced your text. Great job.

    The photos were great too, they added a lot to your post but you didn't say where you got them. Try to cite your sources, which is also called attribution. You can learn more about attribution in this post from the Student Blogging Challenge
    I look forward to reading your next post. Keep blogging!