Monday, November 11, 2013

Quarterly Write Reflection

                      Quarterly Write
Over three point two million kids are bullied a year. I can tell you that is very true. Girls, boys, all over the world hurt inside and out from bullying and stereotyping. Especially the one I stereotyped.

    How could I do such a thing? Its not like myself to look at the appearance of a human being, and already have in my head that I know who they are. Now that I am in middle school, I am exposed to all sorts of things. One of the girls in our school labeled, “weird,” would always try to talk to me.  I politely responded, smiled, and then walked away. I didn’t want to get talking to a, “weird girl.”

How could I get through middle school when I could possibly earn a negative label from talking to someone that no one likes? I have to admit she looks weird sometimes because of some birth defects. With hours upon hours of thinking, I soon realized that it is not who I am, I’m not the person to walk away with guilt, and the pressure of what other people think of me. I know some students look up at me; wouldn’t they sure disappointed if I were the one that turned away from the opportunity of a friendship? I tried to walk in her shoes for a bit.

             After my “thinking session,” I went up to the girl that everyone wanted nothing to do with. With some hesitation I sat next to her in Wellness class, I noticed that she doesn’t have her P.E shirt on. The first thing that went through my mind was, “Huh, she is so irresponsible.”
“Hi,” she said sadly.
“Hey! What’s up?” I replied.  She didn’t answer; she was trying to listen to our teacher.

    On the bus ride home, I thought, “Maybe I am a bad person.” I tried try to talk to her though!  She had nothing to say to me after we greeted! Maybe she was hurt really bad, she probably thought I was trying to pull something on her. I know she knew that I was there for her; she came and talked to me about one of her problems.

    Turns out she was a pretty cool person. I could talk to her as well as she could talk to me. I think that the lesson we should have learned from my personal experience is don’t judge a book by it cover. You never know who someone is in the inside. Other peoples’ opinion of something/someone doesn’t mean its yours. Take a chance get to know it, take a walk in their shoes, stay true to yourself, and do what’s best. “Good luck, be the best you are.”  


I liked all of the effort I put into writing this. I had to redo this because when it was revising time, I disliked my personal narrative. I wonder why people can be so mean, is it possible for the world to be at peace for once again? What would it take to change? What if bullying was gone? As well as stereotyping? I hope some of my story got through to you.

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