Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You Can't Buy Happiness


     Some people think if they have money, they have it all. In a way, I agree, but that's not the only thing we as humans need. Money can make a person's life, but it could ruin it as well. What I find is that people with money tend to make poor choices. I believe that every human being needs some form of Earthy love. 

      You need love, time, and a new pair of eyes. Love can make a person happy, it can make they sad as well. Over time you can create new things to better our world, and with a new pair of eyes; you can see things at a different view. This reminds me of a play that we just did in Language Arts class called, A Christmas Carrol. 

      Scrooge, the main character was ruthless and heartless. Guess what he had a lot of. Correct, money. He was hurt when he lost his love, his best friend, and all he cared about was money. He didn't understand that you can't buy true happiness with money. There's no such thing.

      Music can bring you happiness, so can your kids or friends. In some case money brings people happiness, and that's okay! Sometimes those people who are only happy with money, are obsessed. That's when the new pair of eyes need to come in. There are people starving, and they might be wasting it. I think more Americans should have happiness, live with the necessities, and a little more in life. We are one world, we should take care of each other. 

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