Friday, January 10, 2014

Am I a Genius?


I am not a genius, I can tell you that! I would probably just consider myself smart.  I don't think someone becomes a genius, they're born a genius. Some are brought up in public for being  so smart, so they are known as a "genius," but I think everyone is a genius in their own little way. A genius has the characteristics of being talented with the skills of life. Like: math, science, engineering, baking, etc. If I was a genius, I would want to be a genius on math. Math is  my worst subject, along with science. Like I said I think people are born geniuses, but if you aren't born one, you have to know you're one. You would sure have to do a whole lot of studying if I wanted to be a math genius. I know I'm not a genius in many ways, but in some ways I'm just smart, and that's how close I'm going to get!

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  1. I think the picture was funny by the way great paragraph