My Goals


The goals I have met and accomplished this year were keeping up with the great grades, and have wonderful friends who are always there by my side! I've also done fourteen hours of community service in the past month or so. I haven't learned to conjugate in the Spanish language; but that's why I'm being shipped to Miami this summer. I still haven't met Eminem or Morgan Freeman, but I still love them! I hope my eighth grade year will be just as good as my seventh year of school. I've always had bad beginning of the school years since fifth grade. Let's hope that I don't have another bad start to my last year before high school!  


I see that I haven't been on this page for a while. That's not good. I still would love to go to college, and I would still love to meet Eminem and Morgan Freeman, but; its time to look at things closer in the future than college. I know I'm only twelve years old, but pretty soon, I will have my first job. For my first job, I would like to work somewhere other than a fast food restaurant. I have no clue where, yet. I just know that I could push myself an do better.  


 Reflection: I have kept up with my good grades! Lets see if I can stay with them through out the next five years of school.

Short Term:
I still want those good grades, and I have kept them up. Knock on wood. I wish that I could find out why people are friends with me only in school, and never want to hang out with me after school. I'm not mean! I want to learn to conjugate more Spanish words without it being a pain in the rear. 

Long Term Goals: 
 My long term goal is to find the right husband when I am of age. I would like to go to BSU now to become an special education teacher. I would hope to keep my family close to me always and forever. It would be cool to meet Eminem, and Morgan Freeman too.


Short Term Goals:

 My short term goals; I hope succeed this school year with the best grades I ever had. I would like to get good grades because from here on on I can't mess up at school because when I'm older and colleges search me, they can go as far back as seventh grade.

Long Term Goals: 

Of course; everyone's long term goal is to go to college and then come out as a professional basketball player making millions. Well, I guess not everyone. Yes, I want (and I am going) to go to college. (Preferably Notre Dame, Purdue, or Ball State.) I would like to go to college to study how to be either an engineer, doctor, or a special education teacher. And, it would be great to be a billionaire!

"My One Special Thing"

 My one special thing; I would have to say my one special thing would be being on my best behavior. Not to brag, but my mommy even told me so! :) I just can't stand it when kids our age treat adults and each other with disrespect. :(


  1. Olyvia,
    Your goals look awesome this year. I am glad that you already realize how important education is...keep up your positive attitude. It will most definitely take you far! :)
    -Mrs. Stec

  2. Nice job!!!!!!! If you believe then you can accomplish anything!!!!!!!