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Genius Hour Reflection Essay


               Volunteering At the Non-food Pantry  

    For Genius Hour, I originally chose to do a project called, “Feedin’ My Peeps on the Streets.” Over the past couple of months that we’ve had Genius Hour, I noticed that I have been finding myself loving going to the Non-food pantry every Wednesday, and am thankful for Genius Hour. Through this project, I learned that it is the right thing for young adults to give back to their community in anyway possible. I learned that it was possible to have a great time; while doing something that I’ve always have wanted to do; community service.

    My original project was to somehow give local homeless citizens food to eat, but I found myself not being very engaged in this project so far. Every Monday in Genius Hour, I would find myself procrastinating to take another step further into the project. I knew in the end, I had hoped to accomplish feeding the two local homeless people. I had a vision that they would be very blessed to have me giving them a lift. Every week I thought, how might I accomplish something like this?
I started wondering if there was some other type of way that I could help people in need. I suddenly remembered the Non-food pantry ran at a local church. I had an idea, what would it take for me to start volunteering at the Non-food pantry? I did some Google searches on when and where the Non-food pantry was. To me, I would still be helping people who need a little help with getting the necessary necessities for life.

    As the next several Wednesdays went by, the people in charge of the pantry were always thanking us for helping them, they were always saying we were such great help. I like how appreciative they are of us, and it feels great to know that they can take some weight off of their shoulders, as well as them being happy to have us.

Now that the elders in charge know us so well, they ask if were are willing to run the pantry by ourselves, and somedays I think, what  if they put us in charge. I also wonder what would happen if the people I asked to come with me and myself don’t show up one day, and what could happen if we don’t show up.

After looking back on everything I’ve accomplished, I’ve seen that I was able to do the community service I wanted to do, several hours in fact. I was able to accomplish helping other adults with projects, and getting used to doing things I’ll most likely have to do when I’m old enough for my first job. Not only did I accomplish those things, but, I gave customers faster service and to give Plymouth a healthier community.

In conclusion, the purpose of this Genius Hour was to do something you’ve always wanted to do, and that’s exactly what I did! I find this project a success. It looks like my overall project will be something that I will continue through high school. One question, does it matter how old you are to do something? No, it does not matter how old you are, you CAN put your mind to anything you put enough effort into.  

NAME: Olyvia Clark Title: Feeding My Peeps on the Streets
Think up a descriptive title. Try to be creative if it fits.
Challenge: Feed our local hobos
What challenge/goal/question will drive your work?
Learning: I expect to learn how to talk to strangers, and give back to my community. I also expect to learn how they got to where they are, and if they want to change.
What do you expect to learn? How will you be challenged? How will this stretch you?
Materials: Planner, Money, Food, Police Man, Mom and Dad, Me, Donators.   
List your materials/resources and who will be providing them.
Main Steps: Talk to hobos, talk to Panera Bread, Talk to Police, Give the hobos food, make presentation.
Outline the main steps to complete your project. Explain any additional steps you need to complete. How will you document your process/progress beyond your journal entries?
Time: I think this project will take about four months.
How long do you expect this project to take?
Resources: Police, People that were hobos, that changed, hobos.
List possible resources/sources of inspiration to complete this project. Are there any outside experts who you could learn from or who might help you? Are there existing examples of the sort of project you want to complete?
Difficulties: Talking to strangers, getting money/enough money, not giving up.
What parts of this project might be difficult? How do you expect to handle them?
Sharing: I will make a presentation of all of the people I have talked to, and their stories, etc.
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward - How will you share what you have learned with others? Who is your target audience?
Evaluation: I would define this project a success if our local hobos were given food when they needed it.
How will you define the projects success? How should we evaluate your success? How will that be "visible" to others? (Demonstrate) Can your progress be measured throughout the project?

How will your project impact other people as well as yourself?
I would hope my project gets the hobos to think about where they are, and want to change. To stop begging for food.

My project is awesome because its something I have always wanted to do, and I love helping people in need.

Why is your project awesome?

I will use my work ethic genius as well as my passionate genius.

What genius are you going to be using? 


       Today for Genius Hour, I  found great ideas for fundraising. I plan to use these funds to pay for food  for people who can't afford food themselves. Some of the ideas sound very fun! I have a Google Doc on my ideas, the picture down here might not make sense right now, but it's just my planning page. I need  to purchase looms so I can make them, and then sell the bracelets.

P.S that is not all that is on my doc


     Today in my Genius Hour, I chose to use my hour looking at the price of Rainbow looms. I would like to buy them, make some bracelets, and then sell them. I was not only looking at rubber bands, but I was also looking at Youtube on how to make money as a teen. I know I'm only twelve, but I guess I can count as a teenager. That is pretty much all that I did today, I watched about ten and a half videos. 


Today I chose to use my time to look at how different Rainbow looms are made. I have a basketball game tonight, so I'm planning to see if tomorrow I can go to Walmart to get the Rainbow looms. I'm scared to make posters and put them all over town. Back to the looms, they seem kind of difficult, but I won't give up.  


Today, I looked up how to make different types of bracelets with Rainbow looms . I still did not buy the kit yet. I think when I do, I'm going to bring it in to school so I could make them during genius hour. 


Today in Genius Hour,  I chose to use my time to plan out a lemonade stand. It sounds like so much fun! It seems like a great way to get money too. I'm going to ask my friend, if she is willing to run it with me sometime in the spring. The bad thing is that I live really far out in the country, so, I don't think I'll get much visitors.


Today in Genius Hour, I used my phone to call the Marshall County Neighborhood Center. I was so scared, sad fully no one answered. I was praying that it was a woman and not a man. I don't know why. Mrs. Holland gave me an idea for having a lemonade stand at school at lunch time. I need confidence!!


I decided to switch gears a little, its too late to raise money, I'm not very good at it either. Plus, I'm raising money for an organization called, "Ronald McDonald House of Charities." Now, I'm going to volunteer my time at the Neighborhood Center. Maybe I'll get some friends to come with me. I also called the center, no one picked up. Now I must drop in on them sometime during the week. I now have their phone number saved as a contact. 


I FINALLY know what I'm going to do. I'm going to get my friends and I to volunteer at the non-food pantry. I'm bribing them with pizza. I spent my Genius Hour looking at a time to go. Volunteering my time will also help me with National Junior Honors Society community service hours.  


Today in Genius Hour, I was working on my visual aid. I chose to create a Jux. It's really cool! I also gave my friend, Luke a hand with getting people to come to his website for his Genius Hour. Please go to his website, its;


I haven't done Genius Hour in school for quite a while. ISTEP, and The Bullying Upstanders have been taking up that time. Fortunately, I have been volunteering at the non food pantry for several Wednesdays now, and I got everything on video. I have been in the newspaper three times in the past three weeks. I'm so glad that I have my friends who come with me every Wednesday, they help me so much!  


I did not do anything with my Genius Hour today. I was using this time to work on our plans for the Spirit Assembly. My teacher said that what the Bullying Upstanders are doing Friday is a Genius Hour project on top of my Genius Hour. 


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