Right now I am in the 7th grade at LJHS in Northern Indiana.  I'm twelve years old, and I certainly love school!  Creating this blog was a good idea. My awesome Language Arts teacher made the class start one.  Here is mine, I hope you enjoy it!  I will always take comments or questions!

When I sit down and think about what my strengths are, it can be difficult because that's something probably most people like me don't think about too much.  What I can tell you about my strengths are that I am great at helping people get through rough patches in their life, I also have "the magic touch" when it comes to helping people with autism (because I was one person chosen to help out with them at my school last year). School is always going to be one of my strengths. Except for math, I was doing great in it, but then I signed up for Pre-Algebra..that is becoming a weakness. Pretty much every other subject in school is not a big deal. I struggle with thinking sometimes, (like now) but I always have one thing on my mind...making the world dance!

For my free time I put my full attention to what I am free to do.  I love watching Smallville while eating dinner. I try to defeat my father in basketball....that might take a while! Sometimes when I'm super bored, I'll try to draw, and I will day-dream about becoming an artist.  I don't want to be an artist, but I have a "unique hand."  On other days, I like to practice my instuments; guitar, piano, and I recently started playing the clarinet in our school band.  Like every other girl, I also sing when I'm getting ready for school! Oh boy, free time!


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