In band class, we are currently learning three songs for our Spring Concert. The songs had to be from a film, or visual entertainment. Of course, everyone wanted to do Pirates of the Caribbean, but, orchestra took that song first. The three songs we are going to perform are Funkytown, O Mio Babbino Carro, and the prologue from Hook. Such fun songs! I have first clarinet on two out of the three songs; I'm very happy about that. (I started playing clarinet the beginning of seventh grade.) For the Funkytown song, a student will be conducting the band, instead of Ms. Wallyn. In order to conduct, you have to audition, and auditions are in three weeks, or so. Wish me luck!


On April 5, Lincoln Junior High Band and Orchestra competed in Indiana State School Music Association at Knox Middle School. Both eighth and seventh grade earned gold medals on all three pieces! It was such a great day of the band kids of Plymouth. Great job everyone!


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