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Blogging Challenge 5- Trek Tech
Blogging Challenge 5- Trek Tech

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                                                       Student Blogging Challenge Four:
                                                         What's All the Blogging About?

                                         The week's blogging challenge it to blog about something you are passionate about. I am very passionate about being involved with children with autism. Down below is a link to an article I found about teaching autism awareness. The website is called The Guardian posted by Valerie Hannah on March 31, 2014. This article is called How to Teach....Autism Awareness. In the article, it talks about different ways to help an diagnosed person with autism to focus. I agree with all of the routines and ways they talk about to use.  They sound very productive. 

(Photo found on Creative Commons)

The Guardian


Audio Podcast

Read Across America


What makes you the happiest: I think my friend Levi makes me the happiest. He is so weird, he always knows how to cheer me up. 
Levi and I dancing on the wall..

 The song you listen to on repeat: I don't have one song on repeat, I have like five, but I would have to say my top song is Space Bound by Eminem.   

I was just getting by five years ago. I had grades that I would not tolerate now, sadly this is because I lived with my biological mother.

Blog Action Day 

Human Rights

Blogging Challenge 5

At this link;, it is the United Nations website page. I learned many things that I did not know. I started reading, and I was interested in two particular ones; article five as well as article thirteen. Article five basically states that no one is allowed to be tortured. Now, my question is why is it still happening? I see it as we are one world, we won't be here for much longer, do you really want your future generations knowing that you were someone breaking a legal human right, and hurting someone? Now, number thirteen says something a little like this: you have the right to leave your country and come back whenever you want.  What's happening is Cuba? I feel that more people should take this document into consideration.

Student Blogging Challenge Four:

For my forth blogging challenge, I chose to explore a game on Free Rice. What I noticed was that the questions were fairly simple, and that every time you get a question right, you gave someone in need ten grains of free rice! :) Student Blogging Challenge 3

Student Blogging Challenge 2

Student Blogging Challenge
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  1. Greetings, Olyvia.
    I'm helping with the Student Blogging Challenge. Nice to meet you.
    I really enjoyed your movie. How did you create it? I'd like to share the idea with our teacher education students. They are learning how to use technology with their students and this is an interesting idea.
    I'm inspired to create my own introduction.

    1. Hello Dinah,

      Thank you for visiting my website! I used Imovie on my Macbook. If you would like I can create a screen cast for you one day! Good luck with your students!

      Hope yo hear back from you,

    2. Thanks Olyvia.
      I don't have a Macbook just yet. I much prefer PCs, but I like using my daughter's Macbook.
      How do you create a screen cast? Can you write out the steps just a recipe?

    3. Sure I can!!! (I like PC's too.)

      -Olyvia :)

  2. Good post Olyvia, I learned about Plymouth and you. Great job embedding your Prezi and movie right in your post so your readers don't have to leave your site to view them. I'm looking forward to your next post.
    Keep blogging,

  3. Good post Olivia. You gave a great description about Free Rice. I like Free Rice too. It's one of the games my computer students are allowed to play if they have a little free time in class.

    You can include a link to Free Rice in your post so your readers can check out the game or play a few rounds. You can find out more about linking in this post from the Student Blogging Challenge

    I look forward to reading your next post. Keep blogging.